Adopting a paperless document delivery process allows you to streamline your important business processes to ensure reliable access to correct up-to-date information anytime and anywhere, for all of your clients and customers.



  • Quick and easy installation and implementation
  • Simple and user-friendly structure which requires minimal training
  • Secure storage of all documentation
  • General reduction of administrative time, within your organisation, leading to improved efficiency and diminished costs
  • Better management of customer information
  • Full traceability of all actions
  • 24/7 access to up-to-date documentation for all clients and customers


The iPortals solution provides a completely paperless document strategy and all documents can be generated from any software system, making it easy to use


Automatic account registration means your existing clients' details can be imported into iPortals, ensuring full acceptance of all information.

Access details are sent directly to your clients via email or SMS, allowing immediate access to documentation.


Documents are archived for a minimum of 5 years meaning all clients and customers have access to their documentation for this entire period.

Reports can be delivered by any of the following methods;

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Online Cloud Based Document Portal


With scalable costing, iPortals eliminates the need to invest heavily in internal IT hardware and software. Our hosted solution allows your organisation to gauge IT costs accurately and forecast expenses based on fixed amounts.



Documents delivered by mail may remain unopened or fail to arrive. Using iPortals for Document Delivery, an audit trail proving the intended recipient received the document created. Ultimately, this will improve ability to collect money and impact your businesses cash flow positively.

   Examples of industries where iPortals is useful:


Streamline your process by sending up-to-date notifications. Debtors can then log-on to iPortals to view letters and statements relating to monies owed.


Clients can log onto iPortals with their personalised login details, to view policies, newsletters and all other reports.


Patients can log onto iPortals with their personalised login details to view statements, invoices and test results.


Owners and tenants can log onto iPortals with their personalised login details to view all relevant property information, including: statements, financial reports, and newsletters.

The Owner of the property has access to all administrative reports,(including: disbursement statements, and maintenance invoices). These will also be archived for a minimum of 5 years.

Tenants are given access to their specific information, which is also archived.

Where the owner of a particular unit also serves as a trustee or director of the body corporate, they have access to the full financial reports of the complex, as well as their monthly levy statements for their own unit.


Parents can log into the schools Web Portal with their personalised login details , to view monthly statements, school reports, newsletters and other relevant documentation.


Clients have the ability to log onto iPortals with their personalised login details, to view monthly statements, invoices and newsletters.






iPortals conforms to all SARS standards for electronic invoice distribution, including transmission and document encryption standards.

All Tax Invoices communicated and shared through our platform are automatically encrypted and/or digitally signed. PDF format is the accepted worldwide standard and to ensure that documents are not directly editable. Free PDF reader software is available from Encrypting documents is expensive, but it allows for the security of your documents from the Internet.

Communication and delivery of an electronic Tax Invoice must be secured by means of 128 bit encryption. Secure (encrypted) communication via the Internet will be indicated by means of "https" in the web address or the communication process. Ordinary email processes are not compliant with this requirement, which can put your business at risk.



Secure Email Certificates allow you to easily encrypt your emails and ensure that the attachments and messages can only be read by the intended recipient.

Digitally signing emails with a Digital Certificate makes it impossible to edit the content of your mail without alerting the recipient of the attempted change. iPortals guarantees that your information will remain private.



The iPortals Document Portal is fully secured with 128 bit GeoTrust SSL Certificate.



Advanced password creation: algorythms are used to generate a password for users of the portal.







We provide our clients with their own "Web Development Portal Solution". Documents uploaded are converted into electronic replicas of the paper based documents. All documents are encrypted to prevent manipulation, and are hosted in a secure environment, for a minimum of 5 years.

Uploaded documents may include:

  • Monthly Statements
  • Monthly Invoices
  • Newsletters
  • Meeting Notifications
  • Meeting Minutes
  • General Notices
  • Financial Reports
  • Annual Budgets


Our SMS service is a powerful customer interaction tool that seamlessly integrates with the iPortals platform. An SMS is sent to the recipient notifying them that a new document is ready for viewing.


Unencrypted emails can be read by any moderately-skilled hacker, leaving you susceptible to Internet crimes such as phising, identity theft and viruses. Secure Certificates allow you to digitally sign emails to prove the source of emails and any attachments to ensure that the attachments and messages will only read by the intended recipient. The iPortals solution has the feature of sending automated email notifications and each client's emails are sent from a unique email account.

This can be done by either of the following methods:

1. Email notification without attachment

An Email is sent to the recipient documents notifying them that a new document has been uploaded and is ready for viewing. A summary of the document is also provided.

     "The balance owing on your statement is R 3,000 with R 1,000 in current and R 2,000 in 30 days."
s. Click here to view your statement."

2. Email notification containing the document as an attachment

An Email is sent to the documents recipient notifying them that a new document has been uploaded and is ready for viewing and providing a summary of the document.

     "The balance owing on your statement is R 3,000 with R 1,000 in current and R 2,000 in 30 days."



iPortals provides advanced fax to email capabilities making it easy to reach your entire client base. The document is attached to a fax transmission. Full tracking and auditing is also included in this feature.

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